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Blooming 4 Red

product code: KAT05791


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Blooming Line 5ml

The extensive range of 9 intensive colors of watercolor inks for nails decoration. In easy way you can make simple, unique and fancy decorations as: Blur Effect, Marble, Liquid Ombre.

It dissolves very quickly, creating beautiful decoration in just a few seconds.


- high efficiency

- liquid consistency

- intensive pigmentation

- can be used as background for other decorations

How to make Blooming stylization?


1.       Prepare the nail plate- file the shape and move away the skin. Dull the nail plate with a 240 grit, dust and degrease nail with a cleanser.

2.       Apply a thin layer of base and

3.       Apply 2 layers of color hybrid gel polish (the best way is to use white) and put into UV/LED lamp. (30sec. LED, 120sec. UV) after applying every layer.

4.       Make a different sizes dots with Blooming ink. If you want to strenghten the intensity od color wait a moment and repeat the application of Blooming color. The dots are arranged in any pattern you want. Then wait a few seconds to dry. To make blur effect apply a few drops of Bloomig Thinner to the edges of the decoration and wait a second to dry.

5.       Apply a thin layer of top and put into UV/LED lamp. (30sec. LED, 120sec. UV)

6.       At the end use olive for skin around the nail plate, and your stylization is ready.