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product code: CL-BAZ-ULT-0001-001


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Ultra Base has an improved formula and medium-dense consistency, which allow easy strengthening, superstructuring, alignment and extension of nails up to 1 cm. Thanks to the self-leveling properties, its application is simple and fast, which significantly reduces the duration of the procedure and provides an aesthetic effect. It also works perfectly as a durable polygon undercoat.

After hardening, the base has a heat-resistant structure and at the same time remains flexible, does not crumble and does not crack, which extends the durability of the styling up to 4 weeks!

Ultra Base is a guarantee:


- an improved nail extension even by 1 cm

- easier application

- durability up to 4 weeks

- great quality to cost ratio




- Prepare the nail plate - sweep the shape, move the cuticles, dust off and degrease the plate with a cleanser.


- Apply Ultra Base to the nail plate by adjusting the thickness of the layer depending on the type of treatment.


- Hard base in a UV (120 sec.) or LED (60 sec.) lamp.


- If there is such a need, wash the base dispersion layer and give the nail the desired shape, at the same time matting, dedusting and degreasing the tile.


- Apply two thin layers of Claresa hybrid nail polish and each time harden them in the LED (30 sec.) or UV (120 sec.) lamp.


- Apply any Claresa hybrid top and harden in a UV (120 sec.) or LED (60 sec.) lamp.


- Do not forget about care - put cuticle oil on cuticles and enjoy the beautiful styling of nails!