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Claresa Rubber Base- Baza kauczukowa 5ml, nr 13

product code: CL-BAZ-RUB-00013-001


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Rubber Base bases are rubbery bases with medium-thick consistency.

Intended especially for brittle, fragile, problematic nails.

It significantly increases the adhesion to the natural nail plate. The right consistency means that the base does not spill onto the cuticles, and its application and modeling of the nail shape is easy and pleasant.

It contains rubber bonds that provide improved flexibility and increased grip.

You can use it as a standard base for a hybrid, to build up a damaged nail, level out any irregularities in the tile and even out the color.

Ideally suited for extending a 1 cm plate.

It's easy to remove it with Remover.

It comes in 11 different shades!


Use like a standard hybrid base.

Depending on the condition of the nail, spread 1 or 2 base layers on the plate and harden each of them 30-60 sec. in a LED / UV lamp.

It has a dispersion layer.