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CLARESA PINK 552, 5 ml

0,040 kg product code: CL-LAH-PIN-0552-001


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These 4 beautiful colors were chosen by our Ambassadors - stylish, beautiful and talented influencers who gained their popularity on the Internet. Red by @Mirabelove is a classic, very intense red. Pink by @ Kingusiaaa96 is a strong, purple-pink with delicate flecks. Raspberry Shake by @Annarysnik is a pastel, delicate pink with a warm color. Purple by @Patrycjabanas is a beautiful pastel purple.

 Hybrid nail polishes are a solution for more and more women.

They owe their popularity mainly to their extraordinary durability. Properly made hybrid manicure allows you to enjoy a beautiful look on your hands up to 3 weeks!

Claresa hybrid nail polishes are 300 colors enclosed in an elegant, glass bottle, on which the color can be easily seen, thanks to hand-painted stencils on the top of the handle.

The medium-dense consistency of nail polishes and high-quality brushes allow you to achieve the perfect effect on nails without soiled cuticles.

Thanks to the high pigmentation of nail polishes, only 2 layers separate you from the perfectly made manicure!


• Seamless application, without soiled cuticles

• intensive gloss

• ideal, medium density

• safe for nails and hands

• durability up to 3 weeks

• capacity: 5 ml



On the previously hardened Claresa hybrid base, apply a thin layer of colored hybrid nail polish and harden it in the UV / LED lamp. In order to achieve a satisfying effect, the action can be repeated. The styling is secured by applying and hardening TOP Claresa. 


• UV LED lamp 6 W - 2 x 45 sec.

• UV LED lamp 9 W - 2 x 45 sec.

• UV LED lamp 48 W - 30 sec.

• UV LED lamp 60 W - 15 sec.

• UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec.