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CLARESA COVER GEL - Camouflage gel 15g

0,040 kg product code: CL-GCO-XXX-0001-001

15 g

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Builder Gel is a product with which you will extend and build up your nail plate.

A product with a durable and crumbling-proof formula.

The gel has a thick consistency. It leaves the dispersion layer.

Hardening time:

LED lamp - 30s.

UV lamp - 2 min.

dense - it does not flow even on hot days,

strong - resistant to damage,


self-leveling - ideally placed on the nail plate

universal - designed both for prolonging nails on the form, tips and applications on the natural nail plate strong - resistant to damage,

Hardening time:

Dual LED lamp - 60 seconds

UV lamp - 2-3 minutes