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product code: CL-GPO-PIN-0001-001

30 g 

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Poli Gel Claresa is a new product on the market that combines the properties of gel and acrylic in one product.

It is used to strengthen the natural nail plate and its extension.

Its most important features:

- occurs in the form of a thick gel, which does not flow onto the skin - thanks to this, you can apply the product on 5 nails at the same time,

- does not freeze fast, hardens under the influence of LED / UV lamps - thanks to this you do not have to hurry when applying the product and modeling the shape of nails,

- it is odorless and does not bake in a lamp,

- it does not have a dispersion layer

Available in 5 shades.

The product is compatible with Claresa Base and Top.


                   - convenient packaging allows you to apply exactly as much of the product as you want,

                   - has a much better grip than acrylic or gel,

                   - the product is easy to use even for beginners

                   - resistant to any damage,


Before applying Poli Gel Claresa, the tile should be covered with a thin layer of Base Claresa and hardened 30 seconds in the LED lamp.

Poli Gel can be used to harden the natural nail plate as well as to extend the nail on the template or special silicone molds.

We harden each layer 30-60 sec in the LED lamp.