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Spider gel gold

product code: CL-SPI-GOL-0003-001

SPIDER GEL - Colorful decoration gel

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Perfectly straight thin lines and geometric decorations in a few seconds?

Spider Gel - an innovative decoration product with rubber texture allows you to create original decorations!

It's a fast and effective method to add truly phenomenal decoration to any manicure.

The product is ideal for both beginner lovers of nail stylization and experienced professionals - thanks to it making of beautiful, full of geometric details manicure will be very easy!

USE: 1. Take a small amount of Spider Gel on the brush or doting tool and drag on the plate in one continuous movement from one point to another. You can apply the product on hardened TOP MATT or TOP NO WIPE. 2. You will cure the made decorations in the lamp: UV 120 s / LED 30 - 60 s. 3. You can protect the entire layer with a hybrid nail polish TOP layer.